Boardroom table power sockets

A new power and data module is an ideal solution for adding power sockets for an existing boardroom table. The flip-over unit has a recess depth of just 53mm which allows installation in existing tables even where structural framework sits close to the underside of the boardroom table surface.

Discreet table power sockets

The discreet module is beautifully engineered and is available in a satin or black finish. The fascia can be specified with power, USB charging ports, etc.

In closed position the module is just a thin plate on the table top. With the touch of a finger it turns 180 degrees and shows its useful side: USB Charger and sockets sit high above the surface providing greater protection against liquid spillages.

Adding a power socket module to an existing boardroom table involves an on-site process to create the aperture for the unit which simply drops in and is secured from the underside. Fusion are happy to retrofit these modules to existing tables.

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