Bespoke Office Furniture

A collection of images showing bespoke office furniture designed and made to clients or designers specification. The bespoke joinery includes boardroom TV enclosures with Audio Visual hardware, office wall cladding with enclosed fish tanks for an executive lounge, high-end boardroom storage and coffee tables, bespoke touch-down desks, library furniture and other bespoke executive office furniture. Unusual video conference meeting tables are also shown, along with one-off servery units with enclosed fridges, coat storage units for executive boardrooms and meeting suites, and credenzas for conference rooms. Also shown are several committee room meeting tables and bespoke CEO’s workstations. Several images show bespoke office furniture for government and regulatory organisations, and a bespoke display cabinet for trophies and awards.

Bespoke Boardroom tables

Fusion excel in designing bespoke boardroom tables. These images show some of the many individual tables created to fulfill the requirement for custom boardroom tables which reflect the style of your business, meet the needs for tables to perfectly fit the number of people or room shape and size, with the quality to set the standard. Our design expertise can quickly capture what may only be a formative wish-list. We design our tables with cabling at the heart of any installation, consider viewing angles and space for chairs, legs and the reach distance across a table. Our planning also considers positioning of legs to ensure your bespoke table is comfortable to sit at as well as good to look at.

A bespoke board room table is also a chance to use materials and finishes in such a way as to express the personalty or culture of your organisation. Distinctive tables using high quality materials, often in contrast, capture the best ideals of design as expressed in office furniture. High quality bespoke furniture can be an enduring source of joy in an office when so much of the modern furniture has no craftsmanship or creative use of materials.

Bespoke Reception Desk and Reception Counter Design

A bespoke reception desk design and manufacturing service is offered by Fusion. We have extensive experience in creating bespoke reception desks and reception counter design. We have in-depth experience in ergonomic design for reception desks as workstations, in designing high quality reception furniture using an array of materials from timber to corian.

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