Folding Conference Tables With Wheels

Folding conference tables on wheels

Pictures from the workshop and site installation showing a folding conference table with wheels. This 3 section folding conference table is manufactured for a new community centre in Hertfordshire, using oak veneer. The images show the 3 tables as they’ll be when combined to make the large conference format designed for 16 – 18 people. Laying the veneer across the tables helps to match the grain pattern when the tables are linked together.

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Each table is a freestanding meeting table on its own that can be used as a single table, in a 2-table format or as the 3 section configuration. Seating numbers are 4/8 for the single table, 12 as a double table and 16 as a triple table.

When folded the tables are easily wheeled away either to park at the perimeter of the room or to be moved out for a completely clear conference room.

The table top has two folding leaves. By hinging the legs under the fixed top-section each leaf folds easily. This is a one-person operation making set-up quick and convenient. The design and position of the legs when the table is fully opened is set so that there’s reasonable knee and foot space for people seated in a conference.

Effective cable management is incorporated on these folding conference tables. Each table module has an access door in the base to allow cables to be fed up through a cable port on the surface. The table base easily holds all the cables when the table is to be wheeled away.

More pictures of Turntable conference table on wheels can be seen here. Turntable is a versatile, high quality table system that can be specified to a high level, including inlaid tops, profiled solid wood edges and with very high capacity cable management. Outlets for power and AV connections are typical for most conference and boardroom installations