Exec Desk Modesty Panels

The exec desk market is currently crowded with European designed exec office furniture all featuring light, architectural, structures which look amazing…beautifully formed and engineered arrangements of legs and beams capped with a top of often notable simplicity. The photographic settings are a joy…promising exec office furniture that would delight anyone.

In brochures these structures look incredible. Dynamic, modern and airy…everything you’d want in a modern chief exec’s office interior. Sadly the brochures don’t show anything as gritty as power and data cables trailing to a plastic rimmed floorbox. The senior executive is not allowed to have a brief case under the desk or, god forbid, to kick off shoes. Coats are never on show, and lamps are miraculously cable-free.

In the real world we often get asked for impressive looking exec desks with a modesty panel that can meet the floor but not look like a packing crate. One that hides cables, a bin, and actually manages to look impressive without trying too hard. Our Atlanta exec desk perhaps, with a full depth modesty using a mirrored plinth to lift the desk visually as though it’s floating above the carpet. The best part is no cables in sight, no rogue shoes, no pedestal spoiling the architectural splendor.

The exec desk with full depth modesty may not be a recent request but remains one of the most requested features and may be a reason European designed exec office furniture can miss the target in the UK.Exec Desk Modesty Panels