stained cherry folding conference tables

Folding Conference Table in Dark Cherry

A 3-section dark cherry folding conference table has been installed in the offices of barristers Red Lion Chambers. The folding conference table has flush mounted power sockets set into the centre of each section. Overall the 3 folding tables make up a large 12 – 14 person conference table configuration. Each table is 1500mm square, making the full table when set up 4.5m x 1.5m. When folded each table is 1.5m long x 0.42m wide.

dark cherry folding conference table

Dark cherry is a popular finish in north America, having a similar tone to mahogany with a great consistency making it an ideal veneer for a ‘system’ table. This quality is perfect for a reconfigurable table as its not critical to get the tables in any particular sequence when setting them up. Veneered tables with a very distinct grain that has been matched across table sections means the tables have to be set up in correct order, often adding to the reconfiguration time. Turntable is quick and easy to fold, move, and re-configure. Red Lion Chambers selected Turntable to allow their large conference room to be cleared for lectures and other events, whilst retaining the appearance and cable management capability of a conventional conference table. The sheen level achieved during the polishing stage yieds a balance between gloss and stain finish which is the best balance between practicality and appearance. A higher gloss level looks great but shows hand prints.

mahognay type veneer folding conference table

Power sockets in folding conference tables

The power sockets used in these conference tables are the pop-up type. A fixed border plate has a rising section with power sockets. The central box-base ducts cables down to floorboxes under each section.

power sockets in conference table with wheels

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