Adding Power Sockets to a boardroom table

Installing accessible power and data sockets in an existing boardroom table is possible. High quality boardroom tables are usually an investment and can be worthwhile to upgrade with new cable management, power sockets and AV connections. Adding power sockets to an existing boardroom table is an achievable task.

Fusion have recently completed a project where 3 large meeting tables including the main boardroom table were upgraded in situ with new power sockets, data ports and AV connections.

The tables were originally supplied with just simple cable grommets to allow wires to be fed from the surface down to a floorbox but, as boardrooms and meeting rooms have an increasingly large amount of tech to connect to, the tables end up looking like a sea of cables. Power sockets are particularly awkward as there’s no way to reduce the size of 13A plugs and sockets, whereas HDMi connectors, for example, can be small and relatively neat.

The best solution is usually to fit a self-contained power and data module such as a flip-over unit, or a Crestron type cubby. These work well as they have a frame that fits onto an existing boardroom table.

For this project Fusion used the flip-over modules. The boardroom tables had two cut-outs routed into the top and the modules dropped in to position. Smaller meeting tables had one cable module each. Cables are hard-wired into them, and feed down to the floor. These flip-over units present all the sockets (power, data, HDMi, VGA and audio + a USB slot) on the surface for easy connectivity.

As well as providing socket outlets, flip-over modules have the added advantage of a brush strip to allow excess cables to be fed under the top.

Retro-fitting cable management modules
Retro-fitting cable modules and power outlets to the meeting tables did involve cutting on site, which does create some dust, but is manageable in terms of working in an occupied office. The main caveat is that the table structure must be compatible. For instance if the boardroom table has a metal beam, it makes the positioning of the cable module less straightforward.

The size of the module determines how many sockets can be incorporated. Lots of outlets mean a long socket module, which means a bigger section to router into the table top.

Types of retrofit modules vary and there is a wide range to choose from. Several of the most popular boardroom table power socket units are shown here.

If you have a boardroom table or meeting table without any connectivity Fusion are happy to carry out retro-fit cable management in situ, for tables supplied by Fusion or any other manufacturer.

We can add power sockets, data and AV connections, USB and international power sockets, to most boardroom tables.