Adding Plug Sockets To A Boardroom Table

Veneer cable access flaps in an existing boardroom table

An exercise in adding veneer cable access flaps to an existing boardroom table developed into a full upgrade and re-polishing project at WRBM in Crawley. Three boardroom and meeting tables were taken to the workshop for repair, re-polishing and upgrades.

The large veneer boardroom table in quilted anigre had suffered a fair amount of knocks and drink rings over 15 years of use, and had no cable management or power sockets at all. Fusion have revamped the boardroom table by adding two matched veneer cable access flaps skilfully cut into the two large table leaves. Stripping and re-polishing the entire surface allowed the new flaps to be polished to match the surrounding surface.

Two hinged cable access flaps cover twin socket modules with power outlets, data, HDMi and VGA connectors.

Alongside the boardroom table refurbishment, an antique dinning / meeting table and console was re-polished as well as a smaller anigre meeting table and credenzas. The two week exercise has cost a fraction of the replacement cost, yielded a much enhanced boardroom setup, and given the tables a new lease of life.

New Veneered Cable Access Flaps

The new cable access doors have been edged using maple timber to match the table edging. Beneath the table are two black back-boxes that contain the socket modules, with cables dropping to floorboxes. Retrofitting cable management to an existing boardroom table can be achieved in situ using surface mounted socket modules, or in the workshop for matched veneer cable flaps. As well as the cabinet work needed to modify the table, re-polishing is usually a necessity.

The added advantage of stripping the table back to bare timber is the scope to repair dents and some scratches, remove drink rings and other surface damage. This table had a very large dent on one edge, now repaired, and a lot of lighter damage to edges where removals people had dragged the tops along an abrasive carpet.

Re-polished Meeting Table

The antique furniture has been re-polished to a more consistent finish across the various tops, retaining the impact of the solid mahogany top.

Contact Fusion to discuss any re-polishing or cable management upgrade works to an existing table, or click here to see another example of retro-fit boardroom table cable management