Table Shapes, Sizes & Bases

Standard boardroom tables shapes include rectangular and D-end, curved end, barrel shape, round, oval and square formats.

For advice on boardroom table dimensions here is a list of the most common standard table sizes, or contact the Sales Office on 020 8251 0692.

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Boardroom Tables Sizes

Boardroom Table dimensions are available in standard sizes and custom sizes. Fusion Executive Furniture offer boardroom tables in a range of standard sizes or almost any custom dimensions. Limitations are mostly the logistics of doorways and staircase sizes. For standard tables we typically suggest that a traditional boardroom table should not be wider than 1400mm to 1500mm, unless AV and cable management requirements have an impact, because wider tables make it difficult to reach or pass things across the table. Table lengths are usually based on chair spacing’s of 600mm with space at either end for the end chairs if applicable. If the boardroom chair is wider, or you require more room around a chair, the table will be bigger than our suggested in our table dimensions guide.

Number to Seat 

Boardroom Table Size in mm 

6 to 8

2000 x 1000


2400 x 1200

10 to 12

3000 x 1400

12 to 14

3600 x 1400

14 to 16

4400 x 1200

16 to 18

5200 x 1400

18 to 20

6000 x 1400


boardroom table shapes




However large corporate boardroom tables longer than 5 metres can look too narrow, and so wider formats at 1500mm, 1600mm or even 1800mm are not uncommon. There are images of boardroom tables on this website that are 2.0m wide and 2.2m wide, at which point construction becomes unlike standard boardroom tables and more like building a medium sized yacht. VC systems in boardrooms also create a need for wider boardroom tables. To combat the perspective from a single camera, tables that get wider are not unusual.

Bases for boardroom tables can be specified from an extensive selection including oval and drum bases, panel legs and metal leg frames. Enclosed bases usually incorporate cable risers for cables to be managed from floor to table surface. Several other base options are shown within the Boardroom Tables pages.

Cable management for boardroom and meeting tables covers three elements. Vertical cable routes from the floor, cable management access on the boardroom table surface, and the connections such as power, data, VGA, HDMi and audio. Tables with microphone positions is another common request covered by cable management options.

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