Veneer Choices for boardroom tables

Veneer choice for boardroom tables involves a very wide range of options. Fusion list 6 veneers as standard, but in truth there are well over 50 commercially available veneers as well as other wood species that are available in limited quantity from sustainable sources. Our standards are Ash, Beech, Maple, Oak, Cherry and Walnut. These can be specified as crown cut, when the figuring is pronounced, or quarter cut for a more uniform grain..

Quarter cut veneers are particularly well suited to folding and modular boardroom tables. Several are popular in the US but not as common in the UK.

Macassar and Wenge are veneers at the premium end of the price spectrum as sustainable sources are limited. Hickory is also known as Pecan when less grain/figuring is visible.

Mid tone veneers such as Walnut are popular at the moment although many clients don’t realize walnut and other darker species become lighter over time with UV exposure.

There can also be tremendous variation in the figuring of a veneer bundle. A tree can have a ‘quilted’ grain or regular grain, and only when felled and cut is the difference seen. The veneer cutting process offers variation. Quarter-cut veneer minimizes the grain, whereas crown-cut shows more grain pattern. Veneer choice for boardroom tables often takes a lead from architectural elements and Fusion are happy to match veneers to doors and skirtings. We can also advise on features for veneer boardroom tables such as inlays and burr panels such as this walnut table with book-matched burr walnut centre section.

Veneer Boardroom Tables
Fusion can provide information on unusual veneers, but do remember that boardroom tables use solid timber as well as the veneer version, so please consult the sales office before making any selection. When considering veneer choice for boardroom tables its a rewarding and productive exercise to visit the veneer merchant and select a timber from the available bundles. Fusion can organise a visit and will offer guidance on what is suitable for boardroom furniture. As no two trees are the same even within a species its possible to select for grain, colour, width of leaf and other characteristics. Choosing the raw veneer can be a satisfying process.

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