Reconfigurable Folding Conference table

Veneered in natural walnut, this reconfigurable folding conference table is designed to seat 14 to 16 people. When folded, the tables are perfect as a slim side table, or can easily be cleared from the room. Cornerstone Barristers close to Chancery Lane use the table in their main presentation room. Our Turntable system is reconfigured almost every day and was specified by architects Chapman Waterworth to provide the flexibility of conference table use, presentations and events.

reconfigurable folding conference tables

The image below shows one section of the conference table folded. This can be detached to leave a 10-12 person conference table format.

multi purpose reconfigurable conference tables

Each table folds and moves independently. The sections are very easy to reconfigure, either as a side table, a ‘desk’ with one leaf folded, or cleared from the room completely. In desk format the room can be used for training or for presentation or committee use with the table as a ‘top table’.

folded conference tables

These reconfigurable folding conference tables have discreet cable management and socket access in each section. The matching veneered cable access flap covers a socket module set into a cable box. The large box base on Turntable allows Cornerstone to conceal AV hardware within the table, linked to the flat screen and an audio system. Achieving a matched cable flap requires a great deal of attention to detail. The cable access flap on this table is perfectly matched without any dislocation of the grain. The socket module has power, data, HDMi, VGA and audio jack plus room for excess cables.

sockets in a folding conference table

veneered cable flap in conference table

The veneer used for this reconfigurable folding conference table is natural walnut.

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