Reception desk design ideas usually start with the image. What does reception furniture look like, what materials are used, and how are the proportions of a reception counter created within an overall office reception space.

Typically the process of selecting a reception design style is an amalgamation of finishes, with images of reception counters that look suited to the organisation. Put simply, reception counter design usually starts with a previous design. Secondhand, so to speak.

Advances in manufacturing and materials mean that receptions can be imagined from scratch. No longer do you need to start with someone else’s design approach.

Sometimes it can be better to avoid a web search of installed designs, and instead start with a design brief. What does a desk need to communicate about the business. How does the architecture of the building impose design cues? What are the practical demands within an office reception.

Design can be essentially a lazy process, re-using the old. Good design should be about starting with the principles, and nowhere more so than in reception. A good example is the recently installed

Info Point desk which was a clean -sheet design, producing a distinctive piece of reception furniture without necessarily being radical for its own sake. Far from being a straightforward, predictable, reception desk design, this piece has originality and a distinctive appearance, and for a very large desk manages not to overcrowd the space it’s in.

Fusion are very happy to work closely with clients to develop a unique reception desk, either using our own design team, or working with your design ideas. Tried and trusted design is fine, but new or unique is good as well.Reception Desk Design Ideas