New folding office meeting table

Fusion are launching a derivative of our Turntable Folding Boardroom table, to be called Turntable Lite. Aimed at a more everyday meeting room sector the new Lite folding office meeting table combines the advantages of our regular range with the reduced width option to match conventional meeting table sizes.

Turntable Lite has integral cable management through the stainless steel leg riser, with options for different cable ports and socket outlets on the surface. The prototype folding meeting tables pictured here are 1800mm long x 1200mm wide, folding to 400mm wide with the two leaves closed. At this width the table makes a great side-table surface. Folded out to 1200mm wide the table is the width of a typical meeting table.

These prototype folding office meeting tables are in white compact laminate with likely options including walnut laminate as well as wood veneer. Click here to enquire about our new folding meeting tables range.