Folding Conference Tables

Two installations of folding conference tables have been completed. An Oak veneer table suite for a new clubhouse in Herts, and a dark oak set of tables for an international luxury brand in central London, both installed over the past month. Both tables use our Turntable folding conference tables system.

The two conference rooms both required flexible tables that are stable and solid, yet easy to move when events are planned. Turntable folding conference tables are a fully cable-managed table system offering easy folding and removal, yet still providing a solid table with the same appearance as a veneered boardroom table.

Turntable is very versatile as it can be specified with inlays and contrast borders, and a very high level of cable management with power, data and AV connections. Folding conference tables are designed to work as individual meeting tables or in combination to form very large conference table layouts. The folding system is an advantage as it allows tables to be reconfigured, moved and stored, or positioned as narrow side tables.

Currently we’re working on a project with a 32-Seat folding conference table configured as an overall barrel-shaped layout. The requirement is to have two large tables for 12 people, with extra folding sections to make up the 32-seat folding conference tables. Folded sections will stay within the room when not in use. The two large 12-seater tables also fold, allowing the entire room to be cleared completely.

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