boardroom table dimensions

Boardroom Table Dimensions

Boardroom table dimensions

How big should a boardroom table be?

Our standard size guide shows suggested boardroom table dimensions. The size of a boardroom table does depend upon the width of your chair, and how generous you want to have the chair spacing. This set of boardroom table dimensions showing how big a boardroom table should be is a good starting point.

Boardroom Table Dimensions guide
Number to Seat
Boardroom Table Size in mm

6 to 8 Seat Table
2000 x 1000

8 Seat Table
2400 x 1200

10 to 12 Seat Table
3000 x 1400

12 to 14 Seat Table
3600 x 1400

14 to 16 Seat Table
4400 x 1200

16 to 18 Seat Table
5200 x 1400

18 to 20 Seat Table
6000 x 1400

These boardroom table dimensions are based on a rectangular boardroom table and a chair size of circa 540mm wide. For wider boardroom chairs, or for wide spacings, increase the table size. For meeting rooms rather than a boardroom setting, the table could be reduced in size.

It’s not unusual to find tables wider than 1400mm, but do consider ‘reach distance’ or how far to stretch to pass documents and coffee cups across a table when considering wide boardroom tables.

Along with the space of a chair, Fusion also factor-in knee and foot space, using a British Standard BS9241 as the basis. A general rule for boardroom tables is to have at least a 500mm space for knees and feet measured from the table edge although a longer distance is preferable within a boardroom setting.

Large Boardroom Table

The dimensions of a boardroom table will also have an influence on the number of sections for the table top. Typically 2.4m and 2.8m tables are made in one piece, and tables bigger than 3.0m are in two or more pieces. Always give consideration to access when a table of 2.8m – 3.0m is selected as very large single piece tops can be a tight fit to deliver into some offices.

Images showing sizes of tables are shown in our Boardroom Tables section. For recommended boardroom table dimensions in other shapes such as D-end, oval, barrel-shaped, please contact Fusion.