Boardroom Table Configurations

Configuring a boardroom table involves a number of parameters. Many table ranges will have predetermined shapes and sizes. Bespoke or customisable tables offer a wider range of options for boardroom table configurations.

Regular Boardroom Table Configurations / Shapes

Typically a boardroom table will be selected from preset single shapes, with the main variation being dimensions and the number of sections, or leaves, that make up the overall top. The largest single-piece top is 3 metres. However consideration should be given for access into a building as a top, or section of a table, at 3 meters, can be too big to fit up stairs or around corridor corners.

Irregular And Bespoke Table Shapes

Boardroom Tables can also be configured as irregular shapes, occasionally in a logo shape or more often for video conference layouts. Tricorn, wedge and half moon shapes are typical of bespoke boardroom table configurations, with the table ideally designed both to fit the room and to have the best layout of legs so as to avoid compromise to knee and foot space.

As a general rule a table base or legs can be inset by 600mm from the end. Distance from the side of a table to a base depends on the type of leg selected.

Our Boardroom Furniture page shows installations of custom boardroom furniture and unusual boardroom tables.

Modular Meeting Table Configurations

Modular tables are designed to offer flexibility in re configuring a meeting room layout, with some limitation as the basic table shapes and sizes are usually designed to work best in two or three primary layouts.

Most modular table configurations are scalable, ie the size of each module can be scaled up or down to suit the room size(s). This is one of the most important aspects of configuring a table layout. Selecting the ideal module size to fit the room, table shape and seating numbers is a foundation for choosing the table range.

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Fusion offer standard or custom tables for any boardroom layout. Contact us for advice and planning guidance on boardroom table configurations.

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