Bespoke reception desk design

A new bespoke reception desk design has been installed in an building in London EC3. This desk uses a mix of white corian for the front of the reception desk, a black corian surface for the working zone and a granite stone counter section in an attractive grey colour. Although the reception desk could be described as monotone, the natural graining of the granite breaks up the flat tones.


Reception Desk Lighting

The integral lighting is incorporated at two ‘break’ points – the plinth level and at desk height. Plinth lighting has the effect of elevating the reception desk off the floor which is a useful counterpoint to the overall size and bulk of a large piece of furniture. Counter level lighting is useful to attract the eye as a focal point to subtly guide a visitor to the correct point.

The reception also has a recess designed for wheelchair access. This can be achieved in many ways, with the desk in these images using the recess to break the front of the desk. A design will typically start with the number of staff to work on a reception desk and the space available. Once these parameters are set, elements such as the counter and the accessible sections can be designed around the fixed elements. Hardware will usually be grouped around the receptionist(s) and is a factor in the size of the counter. Ergonomics influences the design. Most receptionists have a clerical role and we ensure that a reception desk performs as a workstation as well.

To see images of bespoke reception desks click here.