Modern Round Reception Desk

Located in the main entrance to a multi tenanted building in Holborn, this modern round reception desk can be approached from 4 separate entrances, and the design was produced to ensure all views of the reception have the reception desk looking presentable.

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Modern Round Reception Desk

The modern round reception desk is made in white fibreglass, curved in plan and section, manufactured offsite in two sections. Assembled in situ, the desk was polished to produce a fine, even, surface finished in a semi matt sheen. Corian was an alternative material that could have been used but the shapes were easier to manufacture using fibreglass in this instance.


Reception desk LED lighting

The LED lighting around the plinth of this foyer reception desk is reflected in a glass floor, with the desk visible from the lower ground floor viewing upwards. The desk has an ethereal quality that is repeated within the main atrium by way of a suspended meeting pod.

The raised reception counter is produced in a banded stainless steel, with a toughened glass counter shelf at high level and at desk level. Cable management is incorporated as a raceway on the internal perimeter, accessed both from underneath the surface, and via cable ports.

This modern round reception desk is a striking combination of craftsmanship and individual design. As a high quality reception desk it persuasively makes the case for the organisation, its values and culture. Fusion use the highest quality materials, considered architectural proportions and superb craftsmanship for compelling results. As a contemporary modern round reception desk it identifies your organisation as forward looking and open to new ideas, as well as being a memorable piece of furniture within a great architectural setting.

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