Head Office Reception Desk

These London head office reception desk images show an existing reception desk which is modified to overcome ergonomic and organisational problems. The head office reception desk had been in situ for over 5 years, and receptionists experienced shoulder and neck problems from outdated ergonomics. Alongside this, the reception desk wasn’t working for the organisational needs, becoming cluttered.

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Head Office Reception Desk

The modifications started with a thorough ergonomic study of the reception desk, using an adjustable mock-up that could be altered to change the ergonomics of the desk. The results of the ergonomic study found this head office reception desk to be too deep, and the height of the counter too high.

Alterations to the overall reception counter height were impossible, instead the floor behind the reception desk was raised (and a heated floor added to combat cold temperatures in the winter). The desk surface was lifted to maintain the working height, with limestone fillets added. The worksurface was also shortened, bringing the receptionists nearer to the reception counter.

Computer monitors were then set back into the reception counter to maintain the correct viewing distance and prevent eye strain.


Reception desk storage

The last part of the upgrade was to provide unique storage units. Printers are behind retractable doors, and visitor badge lanyards are held in bespoke slim drawers specially designed to hold the pass badges neatly and conveniently for the receptionists, without taking up too much space.

The works were completed over two weekends, and a temporary reception counter was installed so that the original could be re-worked and re-polished in the factory. The revised desk now works well as an organised, ergonomic workstation as well as an impressive head office reception desk.

Fusion use a combination of craftsmanship and solid design knowledge for all our bespoke reception desks. Fusion use the highest quality materials, considered architectural proportions and superb craftsmanship for compelling results. As a contemporary reception desk within a great architectural setting this piece of furniture always looked impressive and understated. Following our review its also a functional workstation.

Contact Fusion for more information on the ergonomics of designing a reception desk, or if you want to evaluate alterations to an existing head office reception desk.


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