Glass Reception Desk

A glass reception desk in an HQ building using curved glass and wood, set against a glass screen with a manifested image. This campus HQ glass reception desk is located in an open atrium, with the glass backdrop providing a setting for the reception desk, with banquette reception seating behind.

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Glass Reception Desk

During the construction of the building, a full size mock-up of the reception desk was created and taken to site, ensuring the services were correctly located in the floor, and for positioning the receptionist at an ideal distance in relation to the entrance. The ergonomics and layout of the desk were also trialled to ensure the working space, security and access hardware, and reception sign-in functions were all catered-for. On large reception desks its particularly important to ensure the reach distance between receptionist and visitor is not too great as shoulder and neck strain caused by stretching for badges and documents can result.

A matching Information Point desk is located in an adjacent area used for touchdown and as a library information desk.


Curved glass reception desk

The curved design of the glass reception desk uses upstands with the same radius as the main veneered section, and two extended wings at either end provide a facility for disabled visitors. The design principle was to create a light appearance whilst still being a focal point and the softened curved glass in a semi-transparent finish draws the eye without overpowering the reception space.

Bespoke glass reception desks by Fusion are a wonderful combination of craftsmanship and modern design. As a high quality reception desk it persuasively makes the case for your organisation, its values and culture. Fusion use the highest quality materials, considered architectural proportions and superb craftsmanship for compelling results. As a contemporary reception design the desk identifies your organisation as forward looking and open to new ideas.

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