Executive Reception Desks

Images of individual executive reception desks, custom made for office reception areas. These images feature bespoke executive reception desks in all finishes. From traditional wood finish reception desks in dark mahogany and modern sustainable timber finishes including oak and maple, to contemporary office reception desks in avant garde finishes such as corian.

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Executive Reception Desks

Fusion Executive Furniture offer a bespoke executive reception desk design service. Using inspiration from the reception interior and architecture or from a blank starting point we design and manufacturer high quality bespoke reception desks. Pictures including a wood finish reception desk, combinations including wood and corian, and totally man-made finishes are all included in this gallery of executive front desk design.

Executive reception desk design has progressed recently as LED lighting is increasing the options for design, and as solid surfaces such as corian become more cost effective. Current trends in reception desk design include a mix of timber and corian, and the inclusion of 3D finishes in panel form. Brushed stainless steel and glass are still regularly used in reception area design, but the current trend is to soften the appearance of reception desks with some natural materials including wood finishes and stone such as marble and granite. Fabrics are following a similar trend, and office reception areas increasingly use pattern and colour that were once only seen in domestic settings.


Reception Desk Design Considerations

Alongside the appearance and proportion Fusion take great care to design in effective cable management, storage including bespoke positions for printers, visitors passes and security fixtures such as camera controls and barrier release hardware. All our reception desks are designed using ergonomic principles to ensure the desk functions well as a workstation, with consideration given to reach distance to the counter as well as for PC use on the desk.

Executive reception desks are a wonderful combination of craftsmanship and design. As a high quality reception desk it persuasively makes the case for your organisation, its values and culture. Fusion use the highest quality materials, considered architectural proportions and superb craftsmanship for compelling results. As a contemporary element an executive reception desk identifies your organisation as forward looking and open to new ideas. Providing foundation to both is our commitment to superb quality and ergonomic design.

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