Corian Reception Desk with Ceramic Counter

A modern white corian reception desk using white corian and a ceramic counter to match the floor finish. Contemporary reception schemes often use toning materials and finishes to achieve a cool reception design appearance.

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This reception design is unusual as the reception desk doesn’t stand directly in the line of sight from the entrance. The reception area is designed so that staff have an entrance route away from the visitor route, separating the two traffic flows. This works with the contemporary reception desk design to create a calm reception area layout.


Linear corian reception desk

The linear shape of the corian reception desk works well with the chosen finishes, creating a contemporary reception design with warmth and balance. As the reception area is well lit, and the overall space large with two glazed facades, the corian reception desk itself didn’t require any accent lighting. Office reception design draws on the advantages of the architecture and in this scheme the amount of natural light was a great starting point.

The corporate aspect of this reception area design is captured using the backdrop. Glazed dividing walls use a text manifestation featuring the key culture and mission phrases of the organisation, subtly applied so that the reception area is not overpowered with corporate messaging, and the reception design is still in balance.

Cable management is incorporated on the internal perimeter, accessed both from underneath the surface, and via cable ports.

This modern corian reception desk with ceramic counter is a striking combination of craftsmanship and individual design. As a high quality reception desk it persuasively makes the case for the organisation, its values and culture. Fusion use the highest quality materials, considered architectural proportions and superb craftsmanship for compelling results. As a contemporary reception desk it identifies your organisation as forward looking and open to new ideas, as well as being a memorable piece of furniture perfectly suited to its great architectural setting.

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