A collection of bespoke and custom made office reception desks in styles ranging from contemporary to corporate, all featuring high quality craftsmanship. These images of office reception desks show the advantages of reception desk design as a customized service, creating a unique or exclusive appearance combined with practical layouts for office reception desks. Our commitment to enduring quality and timeless design ensures any bespoke reception desk is made with sound principles of proportion and quality craftsmanship, along with effective cable management, reception area storage and house-keeping for visitor badges, cctv control stations and other hardware found on reception desks. All our reception desks are supported with a detailed knowledge of cable management, integrated storage for lanyards and security passes, and the installation of security and access control hardware within the desk.

Office Reception Desks

Our expertise in designing office reception desks allows the creative process to be wide ranging. Fusion are happy to combine materials, incorporate illumination, and create distinctive forms and shapes to work within office reception areas. Images on our website show receptions desks with one or two materials, some with more, and we’re knowledgeable in advising on alternatives and construction methods.

Our bespoke reception desk design service will also factor-in the ergonomics required for both the staff who will use the desk as a workstation as well as a front of house focal point, and for visitors who will have to sign-in. Reception desks often function as a delivery point and as a security desk outside office hours. Our understanding of the ergonomics of reception desk design can ensure avoidance of common mistakes sen when reception desks are proportioned solely for appearance without any thought to the working layout. On a number of occasions Fusion have mocked up the propose design at full scale, in the reception area, to test the layout and fine tune the reception counter height, depth of the desk, and reach distance to a visitor.

Reception Desk Design

Many our of reception desks include customised elements or a modern reception desk design from concept. In this regard Fusion are adept at bringing ideas for the reception counter into the design process, adding lighting and contrast materials. We are experience in designing and producing large reception desks and stone reception desks.

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