Modular Boardroom Tables

Images of folding modular boardroom tables and modular conference room tables designed for offices with multi purpose boardrooms or conference spaces that are reconfigured. Increasingly common in London offices, high quality modular boardroom tables and folding modular boardroom tables, allow rooms to be used for meetings, training, and seminar formats, or to be cleared completely for event spaces. All these modular boardroom table systems can be cable managed, with audio visual connectivity as well.

Modular meeting tables offer advantages including versatility and the ability to get more use from a room compared to static tables. The format of the modular boardroom tables we’d suggest depends greatly on the table configurations, room size, frequency of reconfiguration and the extent of cable management needed. The table system should also be selected according to how ‘boardroom’ like the table should be if this is its primary purpose. Alternatively some clients choose a modular table primarily for its versatility with only a limited need to be the flagship meeting room.

Whichever order of importance these criteria are ranked Fusion will guide you through the selection process, creating a space plan to define the layouts for the modular boardroom table and sub-set of modular table layouts. The space plan helps to narrow the choice. Alongside the planning we discuss how often you want to reconfigure, and who will be doing the furniture moving, to ensure the best system is chosen.

All our modular boardroom table ranges and modular meeting tables have the widest choice in terms of finishes, special inlays and edges, and customised table shapes if required. They have integrated cable management and a selection of power sockets and AV sockets which can be surface mounted or concealed beneath matched access flaps. As you’ll see from the images our modular boardroom tables range in size from 6/8 person right up to very large reconfigurable boardroom tables, all with the convenience of modular boardroom furniture formats and sectional conference tables.

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